Satisfied customers are the best achievement any business can possibly boast. Some companies we have served include such industry giants as Abbott Laboratories, BP, American Airlines, and Exelon.

Yet we are never too occupied with large accounts to respond to the problems of the smaller firm. Semler Industries’ know-how brings the efficiency of volume production to the smallest of operations. Our engineering staff, using the latest computer-aided design equipment, can provide needed documentation and support for all of our customers, large and small.

Whether it’s a critical part you need or a problem that seems beyond solution, Semler stands alone in customer service.

Semler’s belief that the customer is the boss has laid the foundation for a corporate goal of complete customer satisfaction. Semler Industries offers a variety of specialized services to make our customers’ experience a pleasant one.

Our Product Specialists act as personal “conductors” orchestrating solutions to customer needs first by listening to those needs, then by working with our suppliers, engineers, and fabricators to assure the best solution. Semler’s highly trained staff of Customer Satisfaction Correspondents is working to guide your order from inception to delivery and is available by phone to handle any inquiries made.

Semler provides convenience to its customers by accepting orders via phone, fax, mail, in person, or via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). We do something very special at Semler Industries, and that’s why we’ve been stable when others have failed.