Semler Industries has served the Fuels industry for over 40 years as the Blott-Robb division.  We offer the necessary components to store, transfer, measure, filter, coalesce and load/unload fuels such as Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A and more. In addition, our engineering and fabrication departments can combine our full-line of products to offer complete fuel handling and filtration systems to improve efficiency, save money and reduce contamination.  Proof of our capabilities lies in one of the first systems we designed for the Fuel industry.The Dispenso-Pak Jet Refueler System revolutionized the refuelling of small aircraft by featuring reliable, easy-to-use components in a durable stainless steel cabinet.

Today, we continue to service the industry with multi-product systems and individual components using the equipment listed below.  In addition to providing reliable, time-tested products, Semler Industries is also adapting to new alternative fuels.  Our Ethanol Load-Out System (contact us for details) provides improved accuracy and reliable control of ethanol loading in a self-contained, unitized system.