Fuel Marketer News has released information regarding our newest product offering

Semler Industries has launched the “TC series” portable pump carts as a new option for oil jobbers looking to improve delivery efficiencies and avoid growing concerns of cross-contamination. Additionally, this series of transfer carts is ideal for transferring liquids from below or above ground storage tanks for a variety of products.

  • OTC: Oil Transfer Cart
  • ATC: Antifreeze Transfer Cart
  • CTC: Chemical Transfer Cart
  • FTC: Fuel Transfer Cart
  • HOTC: Heating Oil Transfer Cart

The TC series is the answer to the challenges oil and chemical distributors face with existing transfer pumps on the market such as portability, ease of operation, safety and durability.

Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions that portable systems endure in the field, the unique cart/cage design protects the pump, offers a convenient hose-storage carriage, and has nozzle and suction stinger holsters that collect drips in a drainable tank to prevent environmental issues. With slide rails on the backside of the cart to prevent damage when loading or unloading the unit from a truck, it can maintain physical integrity for the lifetime of the pump. The cart has a kick plate to allow for easy tilting and is designed to fit through standard doorways.

High-flow, single speed units run off a 120 volt, single phase, 20 amp circuit to transfer liquids at about 40GPM. This model is typically used for thin products such as lighter or heated oils, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and heating oil.

Variable-flow units run off a 120 volt, single phase, 15 amp circuit to transfer product at flow rates varying from 6 – 25GPM. This multi-speed model is typically used for medium to high viscosity oils.

All products feature Blackmer™ self-priming and line-stripping, positive-displacement pumps, which are made in the USA.

Options include weights and measures meters, filtration, various hose lengths, suction and discharge stingers, nozzles and quick couplers, and other customizable configurations.

Explosion-proof models are available for use with fuels and solvents.

In addition to the standard portable configuration, Semler Industries offers skid-mounted units and other customized assemblies to meet fuel and lube oil distributors’ unique needs. Standard units and options are normally in stock and available for quick delivery.