Chicago, Illinois-based Semler Industries is proud to be a Blackmer distributor for over 50 years.  Our experience and knowledge of the product makes Semler Industries the resource for Blackmer Pumps.

Blackmer’s Sliding Vane Pumps are durable, easy to maintain products well suited to many industries.  The unique sliding vane design maintains efficiency as the vanes wear.  This means less maintenance and lower energy costs.  In addition, every Blackmer sliding vane pump features dual shaft support bearings for smooth operation and even loading. Also, the nature of the Blackmer Sliding Vane pump allow for excellent dry-run and self-priming capabilities.  Should the pump require maintenance, the vanes can be replaced without removing the pump from the piping system.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Food & Beverage


Ink & Print


Paints & Coatings



Power Generation

Blackmer also offers a comprehensive line of Sliding Vane Hand Pumps

Semler Industries also carries a full line of Blackmer Replacement Pump Parts

In addition to Illinois, our Product Specialists serve Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.