Semler Industries is proud to offer a variety of diesel exhaust fluid liquid-to-liquid blending and prill solutionizing systems under the EZ-Blend™ brand.   Each facility that wishes to make DEF or diesel exhaust fluid will have it’s own specific challenges in volume-per-day blending needs, water quality and space constraints.  To this end, each site will require intensive collaboration to make sure that the proper DEF pumps, DEF meters, DEF tanks and other equipment are selected.   Each system is made from compatible materials in compliance with ISO 22241 standards and intended for the challenging conditions of blending environments.

Systems are designed with either local controls so that the operator is by the equipment, or with remote system controls for central command center operation.   If your demand is 1 bag per day to 1,000,000 gallons per month or more, we can accommodate that demand.

If you are considering blending from prill (solutionizing) or diluting to 32.5% or 40% from inbound liquid concentrates (liquid-to-liquid) start the conversation by calling our DEF Market specialists.  You will get the EZ-Blend™ system, the way you need it!

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