The Flextral line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid delivery and suction hoses are made from specially formulated polyurethane with black TRP cover, and are resistant to abrasion, ozone, UV, chemicals, and oil. To help distributors deliver clean product Semler industries is now offering a full line of Flextral DEF approved suction and delivery hoses. These, along with the Semler DEF-Distributor 70, will allow companies to deliver pure DEF product, and can also replace hoses on various systems that we also offer.

All of our Flextral hoses are tested and certified to meet the ISO 22241 standards, and can be purchased with fittings that also meet the necessary approvals. Additionally, these hoses meet unique standards for DEF delivery and dispensing that have been enacted within the Flextral corporation. The 3P standards consist of purity of hose manufacturing, purity of coupling manufacturing, and purity of assembly procedure. These practices along with quality composition allow for down to -14° F and up to +140° F run capabilities.

We don’t sacrifice any quality in our products, and neither should you.