Graver Technologies is a manufacturer of high quality depth, membrane and specialty filters as well as durable metal cartridge housings.  Their offerings include:

Depth Filters:  Designed to capture a wide range of particle sizes by creating a tortuous path through the media.  Filters range from the value oriented MBC Series to the Absolute Rated Melt-Blown Stratum A Series

Pleated Filters:  Designed with a large amount of surface area, Graver’s pleated offerings allow for greater dirt holding capacity and longer on-stream life.  Available in polypropylene, polyester and microfiberglass media at various efficiencies and micron ratings.

Membrane Filters:  99.9% efficient at various sub-micron levels.  Available in polyethersulfone and PTFE media

Specialty Filters:  Specially designed elements including resin-bonded, porous sintered titanium powder, extruded carbon block and fully encapsulated elements.