Semler Industries is proud to be a master distributor for Hannay Reels, a leading manufacturer of high-quality hose reels.  Hannay’s “buy it once” philosophy is evident in the versatile and durable design of the product.  To back up this claim, each Hannay Hose Reel features the following:


  • Manual hand crank or axillary crank rewind mechanism (optional)
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Frames, Discs and Drums
  • Chain & Sprocket drive allow for smooth movement
  • Rolled-edge disc protects hose and adds rigidity.  Concentric ring provides additional strength.
  • Standard malleable iron and steel hose reel assemblies, outlet risers and swivel joints
  • Swivel joint permits hose to move smoothly while connected to fluid source.  Swivel joint does not act as a bearing
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze and other alloys are available upon request


  • E-Coating or Oven-Cured Enamel finish is standard
  • Additional coatings are available upon request

Temperatures & Pressures

  • Standard reel construction ranges from -20° to +400° F (-20° to +204° C)
  • Pressures available up to 10,000 psi (695 bar)

Hannay offers general and specialty reels for the following applications:

General Hose Reels

Firefighting Reels

Aviation Reels

LP Gas Reels

Floater Reels

Pressure Washing Reels

Petroleum Reels

Rescue Reels

Pumper/Cleaner Reels

Utility Reels

Static Grounding Reels

Welding Reels