Semler Industries is proud to be an authorized distributor of Parker Racor and Village Marine Tec (VMT) filtration solutions.  Parker Racor is a world-renowned name in Industrial Filtration, supplying high-quality products to a variety of industries.


Fuel Filtration

As fuel sits in tanks and is transferred from one location to another, the opportunity for potential catastrophic contamination increases dramatically.  Parker Racor’s unique offerings include a variety of sediment and fuel/water seperators and coalescers for bulk fuel storage and fuel transfer.  In fact, Parker Racor products can be found in Semler’s PetroPolisher fuel polishing cart.


Water Filtration/Reverse Osmosis

With over 30 years in the Water industry, Village Marine Tec (VMT) is one of Parker Racor’s newest offerings.  VMT offers a variety of watermakers for Defense, Commercial Marine, Pleasure Marine, Oil & Gas, Land Based, Disaster Relief, Drinking and Industrial Process Water.

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