There are varieties of smaller Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) demands that can be met with applications outside of pre-packaged DEF containers. Drum applications are an economic way to meet small DEF demands and also are very portable for either on the go, or around the fueling facility situations. Drum dispensing is also a very compact method of meeting DEF demands, and can cut the cost of storage in comparison to larger applications.

DEF drums are on average 55-70 gallons in volume, and dispensing ranges from 7 to 8 gpm on powered models, and 3 to 4 gpm on hand pump models. For stakeholders whose DEF demand falls into this category, Semler Industries is now offering the Suzzara BLUE line of DEF drum dispensers and DEF hand pumps in a variety of models. These DEF dispensers are all made with quality DEF approved materials and meet all ISO 22241 standards for dispensing DEF. The Suzzara BLUE line of drum dispensing can be easily attached to most any DEF dedicated drum, and is also available in a convenient trolley for ease of transportation.  The hand pump series of Suzzara Blue DEF dispensers are also all easily attached to dedicated DEF drums, and are a very economic way to dispense DEF in low volumes for smaller applications.

As non-road DEF demand grows, these portable applications will be ideal in areas where IBC’s and mini-bulk containers would be inconvenient to locate.

Drum Dispenser and Trolley

  • Base for Drum (stainless steel or carbon steel)
  • Manual Nozzle
  • 20ft delivery hose
  • 1.5ft suction hose
  • Quick connector available upon request
  • 7-8 GPM

Pro models of Suzzara BLUE will include K24 DEF meter and automatic nozzle

Hand Pumps

  • Manual operation
  • Average 3-4 GPM
  • Down tube available
  • Spout release or flexible line release available