Strainrite is a leading manufacturer of pleated depth and membrane filter cartridges for the Chemical, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Water industries.

Pleated Depth Filters

  • Available in Polypropylene, Micro-Glass & Resin-Bonded Media
  • Designed with different applications in mind.  Strainrite offers High-Solids Loading, Absolute-Rated & Continuous Pleat elements to meet various process requirements
  • All elements are designed to provide superior, repeatable performance while lowering your overall filtration costs.

Membrane Filters

  • Available in Polyethersulfone, Teflon, Nylon & Charged Nylon Media
  • Offerings include membrane elements designed specifically for Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Electronics applications
  • Membrane elements are integrity tested and available in sterilizing-grade configurations