As the demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Chemicals, Solvents and other process liquids increases, the need for logistical efficiency becomes paramount for those who are delivering Chemicals in the industry. The cost efficient routing of oil jobbers, lubrication distributors, and chemical delivery agencies who are now delivering product will need to find a way to manage their delivery routes in a very prioritized and diligent way. Semler Industries is proud to offer the most innovative software in logistics optimization through its introduction of TankLink tank monitoring services. These self sustained IBC, bulk, or mini-bulk mounted systems will help reduce the total amount of trips being made by delivery agents, create fewer backhauls, improve supply chain relationships, and much more. Included with the TankLink system is the capability of having a multi-port monitoring network, temperature monitoring, data transfer, and location of critical tanks/ totes. Alarms will sound and a message will be sent if the unit being monitored is outside of the set parameters.

Service and Support Included With System:

  • One call for support of all aspects of the solution
  • Dedicated contractors & TankLink field personnel
  • Professional instrumentation technicians
  • Quarterly training
  • Professional installation technicians